Personal Fitness Training at Our Facility

About Our Personal Training Services

The main difference between our personal training services and other personal training services is that when you do a session with us, you will not just get a good workout that is personalized according to your fitness goals.  You will also receive coaching on how to slowly make exercising and other healthy activities, habitual behaviors so eventually, you will not need to rely on us or anyone else to keep up with your exercising.  Remember, if you want sustainable results, whatever actions you took to get those results have to become habitual actions.  

By making exercise and other healthy actions, habitual, you will not need motivation or willpower to engage in those actions, which will make it very easy for you to stick with them long term.  Besides, you can’t rely on motivation or willpower to stick with your exercise program long-term anyway, because both of those things come in short supply. Sooner or later we run out of motivation and willpower and if you were relying on them to stick to your workouts, you will end up quitting.

The way we help people make exercising a habitual behavior is based on our Live Your Way Thin System, which involves small incremental changes over time.  If you are looking for sustainable results, this is the best way to achieve them.

Main Benefits of Our Personal Training Services:

  • All our clients receive a special CD on the Right Mindset for sustainable weight loss.  (By listening to this CD, it will help you change the way you think, which is the first step to developing new habitual behaviors)
  • You will learn a simple painless workout that is as effective as much longer and harder workouts but with a much lower risk of getting injured or burning out.
  • Our workouts, besides strength and aerobic training they also include flexibility training and balance training.
  • We will teach you how to incorporate exercise into your everyday life, which can eventually eliminate the need to go to the gym if you choose too.
  • When you are through with our program you will have strong toned muscles, stronger bones, stronger cardiovascular system, much better overall health and most importantly, you will be able to maintain all those results with ease!  

All of these benefits will help you enjoy a much better quality of life!

About The Sessions

In an effort to make our services as affordable and convenient to as many people as possible we offer 2 types of session:  "Private" and "2 on 1 Session".  The sessions consist of two, 30-minute segments.  In the first segment, we will conduct the strength training part of the workout which includes flexibility and balance training.  Of course, both types of sessions are customized to your needs and goals.  This segment of the workout takes place in a private fully equipped room. 

 In the second segment of the workout, we will help you get a good aerobic workout using any of our aerobic equipment.  In this segment of the workout, the trainer will set you up but will not necessarily stay in the room with you.  A trainer is always around to assist in case you need help.  You might be sharing the aerobic room with few other people, but there is never a crowd.  The total session is around 60 minutes long.

Private Session

In this type of session the strength training part of the workout is 100% private.  It's just you and the trainer in the room.

Cost of Investment: (Sale tax is not included)

  • $55 per session if you only do 1 session per week
  • $50 per session if you do 2 or more sessions per week

2 on 1 Session

In this type of session, you share the strength training part of the workout with another person.  (This type of session is perfect for two friends or a couple that would like to workout together)

Cost of Investment: (Sale tax is not included)

  • $35 per session per person, if you only do 1 session per week
  • $30 per session per person, if you do 2 or more sessions per week ​

Complementary Strategy Session on: “How To Get In Shape for Life”

To learn more about our unique approach and how it works, I would like to invite you in for a FREE Strategy Session.


At this free strategy session, we will help you map out an action plan, based on your lifestyle, on how you can achieve your fitness goals and more importantly how to do it so you will be able to maintain your results for life.  

If you are looking for sustainable results, you must approach getting in shape very differently than if you are just looking for some quick fix that will not last. We will explain all that and more, in this complementary strategy session.

I want to emphasize that there is absolutely no obligation to join.  This is a professional chat about how sustainable results can be achieve. You will leave this session with actionable steps that you can take even if you end up not joining our services. 


Our personal training services come with No Contracts and No Gym Membership Fees. You only pay for the sessions you schedule each week.

Need Help with Your Eating Habits Too?

As you can see, the focus of our personal training services is to help you make exercise a habitual behavior that requires no motivation or willpower to stick with.  If you also need help with changing your eating habit too, we highly recommend signing up for our 3D Nutritional Coaching Program.  With this program, we will help you develop all the right eating habits for maximum weight loss and best health.