About The Live Your Way Thin System

What Our System Can Do For You

Simple, sustainable weight loss without long, hard workouts, complicated diets or giving up ANY of your favorite foods? 

How would you also like to be able to maintain your weight loss and good health without using any willpower or very little!   

If you think our promise is too farfetched, think about this:  

How are the healthy regions around the world able to maintain their good health and weight?  You don’t see them worrying about their diet or spending any time in the gym and yet they are able to maintain their great health almost effortlessly. 

So, obviously there is a way!   So how they do it? Well I will tell you one thing, they are not doing it the way most of the fitness experts advise people to lose weight and get in shape! How Do I know? I was raised in one of those healthy regions.  

What Enabled Be To Find The Answer

Unlike most other weight loss experts who have just studied health and fitness, I was raised on a Greek island where thin and healthy was the norm. People lived well into their 90s as functional members of society and did not rely upon prescription medications to stay alive.  

Basically, I was raised on the true Mediterranean diet, which is considered one of the healthiest diets to live on. The reason I say, “true Mediterranean diet” is because many of the research papers I have read completely missed some very important eating behaviors that many Mediterranean cultures share.  I guess when research is being paid for by a food company their only interest is on the foods we ate and not how we ate the foods.  

My upbringing gave me insight on health and fitness that very few weight loss experts have.    

Whose Example Would You Follow: 

On one hand, you have the weight loss industry with all their weight loss and health advice that has not produced results. As a matter of fact, even though, in the past 40 years, we have more than doubled the amount of money we spend on weight loss products and services per year, the obesity rate has almost tripled and our health has gotten much worse.    

On the other hand, you have the example of healthy regions around the world including the one I was raised in.  People in those regions live long healthy lives free from disease, for the most part, and thin is the norm.    So, whose example would you follow? I chose to follow the healthy regions example, that is why my weight loss approach is so different that most other approaches on the market today.  

It’s NOT Your Fault for Not Been Able to Lose Weight!

What I always found very interesting is that when I talk to other fitness professionals about the failings of the weight loss industry, they always blame the people who seek the advice.  They would tell me that the weight loss industry’s advice is just fine but people don’t follow it.  How can it be the industry’s fault if people don’t stick with their advice?   When you have over 95% of people not been able to stick to the advice, you must consider if there is something seriously wrong with the advice.    

Well, during my over 25 years as a professional in the weight loss field, I took a very close look at all the major weight loss programs and health advice, and I have found some substantial flaws with most of the popular advice on how to lose weight and get in shape.  

I was shocked to find out how much of the popular advice on weight loss and health that is given by experts, is based on very poorly done research studies paid for by special interest groups. There is a great conflict of interest within these studies which causes a bias that distorts the conclusions of many of the studies.  

Nevertheless, one of the biggest problems I have found with much of the advice is that it goes against human nature.  I have a hard time figuring out, what are these experts are thinking when they are giving this advice? Have they not noticed how few people can actually follow their advice successfully? I don’t think they truly understand human nature because, if they did, they would not be giving the type of advice that they do.    

How We Fix The Problem… Permanently!

The first step to achieving sustainable weight loss is to realize that you don’t have a weight problem!  This is not a typo, I did write that!  

You don’t have a weight problem, nobody has a weight problem. What we have is a behavior problem. Weight gain and all the negative health effects that come with it are only the symptoms of our behaviors.  If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must fix the behavior(s) that got you here in the first place.   

What You Must Know About Human Nature 

Humans are creatures of habit.  According to cognitive neuroscience, 95% of your daily actions and thoughts are controlled by your subconscious mind.  In other words, 95% of your daily actions and thought are habitual behaviors.  Only around 5% of your daily actions and thoughts are controlled by your conscious mind.  This makes perfect sense because our subconscious mind has almost unlimited processing power, whereas our conscious mind is very limited. Getting our subconscious mind to run most of our daily tasks frees our conscious mind to focus on the important stuff, like enjoying life.   

Think of your subconscious mind as the autopilot and your conscious mind as the manual control.    

Habit Hold The Key To Sustainable Weight Loss

If you look at healthy regions around the world, all their eating and activity behaviors that keeps them in shape, are habitual behaviors, which they have learned through their traditions. This way they hardly ever have to think about them. Their fitness program is on autopilot.  (my kind of fitness program). 

Now, consider how the typical weight loss programs in our fitness industry approach weight loss. They don’t help people lose weight by helping them change their habitual behaviors.  Instead, they help them lose weight through major eating/exercise changes which rely on the conscious mind and willpower but get people the fast results that they think they want.  

Many fitness professionals believe that once people see results they will be motivated to keep going, and that is one reason why they push for fast results.  Unfortunately, that it is not true.  

Think about this, if seeing results was motivating enough to keep going, how is it that over 95% of the people who lose weight regain the weight back?   The fact is that the best results in the world will not keep anyone motivated if the results were achieved through a method that is overwhelming.   

The way most weight loss programs have chosen to approach weight loss is overwhelming for the vast majority of people.  This is one big reason why so few people are able to keep the weight off permanently.   

The only way to achieve sustainable weight loss is through permanent changes in your habitual behaviors and the Live Your Way Thin System is the best weight loss method to help you do just that!  

The Live Your Way Thin System, Two-Part Solutions.

Although we will be teaching you about proper nutrition and exercise that none of the typical weight loss or diet programs teach, that is not the biggest difference between our approach and all other approaches.  

Knowing what you need to do in order to lose weight and get in shape is only half of the solution for sustainable weight loss.  The other half of the solution is knowing how to apply all the necessary dietary and activity changes into your life so they become habitual behaviors, so no willpower or motivation will be required to keep taking those actions.  

This is what separates our approach to weight loss from all the others.  We don’t just teach you what to eat, how to eat and what exercises to do.  Through our unique but very simple step by step approach, we will help you make habitual all the eating and activity behaviors you need to sustain weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.   

This is why we say, with confidence, unlike any other weight loss programs, when you lose the weight with our approach, you will have a very easy time keeping the weight off.  Just like in healthy regions, your fitness program will be on autopilot.  

Emily Volpintesta (Lost 38lbs)

"Before meeting Stavros I had lost weight many times in the past only to gain it back again and then some.  But since following Stavros's  program, this is the first time in my life that I have been able to finally lose the weight and keep it off for good!  

It has been 3 years since I have reached my goal weight  and I have been able to maintain it easily and effortlessly.   This is by far the best weight loss program I have ever tried! Thank you Stavros!"

Neil J Hutchins (lost 65lbs)

So simple, and yet extremely effective.  I still can’t believe how simple it was to change my eating habits and lose weight with The Live Your Way Thin system.  I lost over 65lbs and I have no problem keeping it off.  This is a must try program for anyone who wants to lose weight for good.

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