Live Your Way Thin System Online

Simple, Sustainable Weight Loss WITHOUT Long Hard Workouts or Complicated Diets

“This online program is based on our Live Your Way Thin System for sustainable weight loss. An alternative way to lose weight WITHOUT counting calories, points or measuring your food and WITHOUT long and hard workouts”  

About Our Online Weight Loss Program

We have taken a very unconventional approach to weight loss, and for a good reason. The conventional approaches to weight loss are not working, and we know that because if they did, with all the billions of dollars we spend every year on these popular weight loss programs, we should be winning the weight loss battle and we are not. The critical question is why? 

The main reason is because most conventional approaches to weight loss go against human nature. This is why, although most people do lose weight with the conventional approaches to weight loss, over 95% of the end up regaining the weight back.

If you are looking for a sustainable way to lose weight, try my unconventional approach to weight loss online. I took human nature into account when I was creating it. You will be surprised how simple and easy it is to lose weight and keep it off when you stop following the ineffective rules of the weight loss industry that go against human nature and start going with human nature.

Main Points To Know About Our Online Program:

Here are some things you will not have to do with our approach to sustainable weight loss:

  • No counting calories
  • No counting points
  • No measuring your food
  • No buying prepackaged foods
  • No long workouts
  • No hard workouts that leave you in pain
  • No elimination of junk food from your house
  • No elimination of whole food groups

What you will learn with out online weight loss program: 

  • How to eat the right amount of food, without counting calories, points or measuring your food.
  • A simple and yet very effective workout that you can do in under 15 minutes that does not leave you in pain
  • How to stay consistent with your workouts without having to rely on motivation
  • How to eat much healthier without relying on self-discipline (no perfect eating required)
  • How to get your subconscious mind to take over the whole process of getting in shape and staying in shape so your conscious mind can be free to enjoy life. (This is how people living in healthy regions around the world are able to stay is such a good shape)
  • The most important eating habit that most people who live in those healthy regions around the world practice, but most nutritionist and diets don’t teach. 
  • You will learn the true Mediterranean diet. (There is more to the Mediterranean diet than just the foods we eat, and I know that because I was raised on a Greek island, where thin was the norm, and people lived long, healthy lives) 

Here what some of our past clients have to say about the program:

“The idea of  walking into a gym with endless weight machines and treadmills was completely overwhelming.  Now after a year of training, I'm down 50 lbs and have made Stavros' program a consistent part of my life."
-Darren Morgenthaler, Brewster, NY (lost 50lbs)

“So simple, and yet extremely effective. I still can’t believe how simple it was to change my eating habits and lose weight.”

-Neil Hutchins, NY (lost 65lbs)

“And everything the clients on Stavros' website said was true: he starts you on a simple weight lifting and cardio program, and has you work on changing your eating habits one step at a time, at your own pace, so that you truly give yourself the time you need to make each new good habit take root.  Overall, I have to say the whole process  has been very painless - no calorie-counting, no restricted foods, and a moderate amount of exercise are what have kept me going with Stavros' program.” 

-Susan Wong-Cohen, Danbury CT. (lost 20lbs)

How We Are Going To Help You Make All The Necessary Changes

The whole program is broken down into 8 simple steps. At each step, you will be learning one healthy behavior and how to make it habitual.  You will not be moving to the next step until the healthy behavior from the previous step has become a habitual behavior.     

By doing this, you will be stay within your comfort zone, as you are making all the necessary changes in your daily habitual behaviors that would lead to the weight loss you want.     Because with this program you will be making permanent changes to your daily habitual behaviors, you will have a very easy time keeping the weight off after you lose it. Even if you have no motivation or willpower.


How My Program Works  

  1. As soon as you sign up you will receive your login information so you can access your account and also an instructional video explaining everything you need to know.  Also, you will be prompted to down load the app that comes with this program.
  2. You will also be receiving instructions for Step 1.  Each step comes with instructions of everything we want you to complete in that Step before you move to the next one. 
  3. As soon as you complete everything we asked you to do at each step, you can email your coach to upload the next step into your program. (Step 1 is the shortest step and should not take more than a week to complete)
  4. Each step builds up from the previous step so it is very important that you complete each step before moving to the next one.  If at a particular step we are asking you to develop an eating habit that you already have, you can notify your coach and you can skip that step.
  5. Whenever you have any questions you can always email your coach.  We always try to get back with the answer ASAP.  (usually within 24 hours but most of the time much faster)
  6. You can also ask questions via the app.
  7. We give you two types of workouts, one that you can do at home and one at the gym.  All the exercises we will ask you to do, you can watch on video on your app.
  8. The program is designed to fit into anyone’s life, and you have the freedom to move through each step at your own pace.  Remember, for a program to help you achieve sustainable weight loss, you must be able to live with it.  This is a program that can fit into anyone’s life.  (As a matter of fact, in many ways, it will free up time because it eliminates the need for long and hard workouts, and the need to count calories, points or measuring your food.  Who has time these days to be counting calories or measure their food before eating it anyway?  One of the comments I get from my clients most often is how easy it is to live with my approach.)

This is not just a “What You Need to Do” weight loss program but also a “How to Get-It-Done” weight loss program.   

How To Sign Up

To ensure that all the healthy habits that you will be developing through this program, which will help you achieve the lean and healthy body our want, become part of your everyday life, we recommend staying on the program for 6 months. 

Most people develop all the necessary habits in less time, but by stay on the program for 6 months, it will really help you ingrain all the new behaviors into your life so you will never have to worry about your weight again.

We offer two payment plans:

Month to Month:  $37 per month (You can cancel at any time)


6 Month Membership: $187 one-time fee (around $31 per month)

Our 60 Days, Monday Back Guarantee

Try out my program for 60 days and if for whatever reason you don't think this is the right weight loss coaching program for you, email me for a full refund, no questions asked.