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Would You Like To Learn How We Can Help You Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss and Better Health?

If you are interested in learning more about our unique approach to sustainable weight loss and better health and about our services, I would like to invite you to a free fitness consultation with absolutely no obligation to join. 

This Consultation Has Two Objectives

  1. The first objective is to learn about your fitness goals, your current fitness level, and lifestyle.  Furthermore, to identify the habitual behaviors that are responsible for your current fitness level, and also your current fitness beliefs.    
  2. The second objective is to explain to you the 4 phases of our approach to sustainable weight loss and why with our approach people achieve sustainable results.  It is unlike any other weight-loss program on the market today.

Based on the information you give us, we will make our suggestions of how we are planning to help you achieve your fitness goal(s) and which of our services we think will be best for you.   At this point, you can make an informed decision if our action plan is right for you.  If our plan does not feel right to you, we part ways.  There is absolutely no obligation or any pressure to join.  If you join, we want you to join because you feel this is the best program for you, not because we pressured you into it.  If, on the other hand, you feel this is the right program for you, we schedule your first session and we get started.

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We usually take clients in between 5:30am and 7pm Monday through Friday.  Saturdays between 6am and around noon.