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Simple, Sustainable Weight Loss WITHOUT Long Hard Workouts or Complicated Diets

“This online program is based on our Live Your Way Thin System for sustainable weight loss. The best weight loss system for people who want to get in shape WITHOUT spending all their free time in the gym or worrying about their diet”  

1st Step To Sustainable Weight Loss is to Realize This:

You don’t have a weight problem! Weight gain is not the problem, is only the symptom the real problem are your daily habitual behaviors. They are responsible for our current shape. So if you want to change your current shape permanently, you must change the behaviors that got you here in the first place. This is the only way to lose weight if you want to keep it off!   

A Great Lesson We Can Learn from Healthy Regions Have you ever wondered how the people who live in those healthy regions around the world are able to maintain their good health so easily and effortlessly?   

Their Fitness Program is on Autopilot! If you take a closer look at healthy regions around the world (I was raised in one myself), you will notice that all the things they do that keeps them in shape, like the way the eat and the activities they do, are habitual behaviors. In other words, they don’t have to think to do those things, they are done automatically by their subconscious mind.  This frees up their conscious mind to enjoy life! It’s like their fitness program is on autopilot!   

In Contrast Most weight loss program don’t help people develop habitual behaviors, but instead they rely on willpower and motivation (both require conscious thought), for people to take all the necessary actions that will get them in shape. The problem with willpower and motivation is that they don’t last. This is one main reason why over 95% of the people who lose weight through the traditional methods of weight loss, end up burning out and regaining the weight back.  

2nd Thing you Must Realize is that Humans are Creatures of Habit.

This statement is truer than you know. According to cognitive neuroscience, 95% of your daily actions and thoughts are controlled by your subconscious mind.  In other words, 95% of your daily actions and thought are habitual behaviors.  Only around 5% of your daily actions and thoughts are controlled by your conscious mind.     

This makes perfect sense because our subconscious mind has almost unlimited processing power, whereas our conscious mind is very limited.   Getting our subconscious mind to run most of our daily tasks frees our conscious mind to focus on the important stuff, like enjoying life.   

Think about this way. Do you remember when you first learned how to drive a car? In the beginning while driving you could not do anything else but pay attention to driving the car. This is because all the actions necessary to drive the car were performed by your conscious mind. After driving for a while, you got to the point you can do 10 other things while driving. The reason is because, through repetition, you trained your subconscious mind to take over many of the task necessary to drive the car safely. Basically many of the tasks involved in driving become habitual behaviors. This freed up your conscious mind to do other things.   

This is how healthy regions around the world are able to maintain their good health almost effortlessly. Through their traditions they are able to make habitual all the eating and activity behaviors that keeps them in shape.     

Through the 8 Simple Steps to Sustainable Weight Loss we will help you develop your own healthy traditions similar to those in healthy regions that will help you not just lose the weight you want and improve your health in the process, but be able to maintain your good shape easily with minimum effort.  

3rd Thing You Must Realize is That The Solution to Sustainable Weight Loss Has Two Parts

Part one, is knowing what you must do in order to lose weight and get in shape. In other words, what exercises you must do that would have the best effects on your body, what foods to eat and very importantly how to eat those foods to have the biggest effect on your weight and health.     I want to emphasize here that how you eat is as important as what you eat. Did you know that you could eat the exact same food, but based on how you ate it, it could have completely different effects on your health? Unfortunately, this is something most diets don’t teach, which is one of the main reasons why most diets fail.   

Part two, is knowing how to incorporate all the new behaviors into your life so they become habitual. Remember, only through sustainable changes in your daily habitual behaviors you can achieve sustainable weight loss. Willpower and motivation are only good for short term success. If you want sustainable results you must make habitual all the healthy behaviors necessary for the achievement of your fitness goal.     

How You Will Be Able to Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss With Our Approach 

The whole program is broken down into 8 simple steps. At each step, you will be learning one healthy behavior and how to make it habitual.  You will not be moving to the next step until the healthy behavior from the previous step has become a habitual behavior.     

By doing this, you will be stay within your comfort zone, as you are making all the necessary changes in your daily habitual behaviors that would lead to the weight loss you want.     Because with this program you will be making permanent changes to your daily habitual behaviors, you will have a very easy time keeping the weight off after you lose it. Even if you have no motivation or willpower.  

What you Will Learn from This Program:

By the end of this weight loss program you will have accomplished the following 2 things:  

  1. You will have developed the exercise habit. (This in turn will help you keep your muscles strong and flexible, and your cardiovascular system healthy) Note:  The truth is you don't need to exercise that hard to get results.  
  2. You will have developed 7 essential eating habits, which includes “How to eat habits” for best health and weight loss.  (One of the eating habits you will learn is how to enjoy some junk food without affecting your health or weight.) 


How My Program Works  

  1. As soon as you sign up you will receive your login information so you can access your account and also an instructional      video explaining everything you need to know.  Also, you will be prompted to down load the app that comes with this program.
  2. You will also be receiving instructions for      Step 1.  Each step comes with instructions of everything we want you to complete in that Step before you move to the next one. 
  3. As soon as you complete everything we asked you to do at each step, you can email your coach to upload the next step      into your program. (Step 1 is the shortest step and should not take more than a week to complete)
  4. Each step builds up from the previous step so it is very important that you complete each step before moving to the next      one.  If at a particular step we are asking you to develop an eating habit that you already have, you can notify your coach and you can skip that step.
  5. Whenever you have any questions you can always email your coach.  We always try to get back with the answer ASAP.      (usually within 24 hours but most of the time much faster)
  6. You can also ask questions via the app.
  7. We give you two types of workouts, one that you can do at home and one at the gym.  All the exercises we will ask you to do, you can watch on video on your app.
  8. The program is designed to fit into anyone’s life, and you have the freedom to move through each step at your own      pace.  Remember, for a program to help you achieve sustainable weight loss, you must be able to live with it.  This is a program that can fit into anyone’s life.  (As a matter of fact, in many ways, it will free up time because it eliminates the need for long and hard workouts, and the need to count calories, points or measuring your food.  Who has time these days to be counting calories or measure their food before eating it anyway?  One of the comments I get from my clients most often is how easy it is to live with my approach.)

This is not just a “What You Need to Do” weight loss program but also a “How to Get-It-Done” weight loss program.   


Another great thing about this program is that there is no contract, you can stay on it for as long or as short as you need to.  

Once you have gone through all 8 steps and you have developed all the healthy habits and you feel comfortable with all your new habits you simply send us an email and type "cancel" on the subject line and that is it.

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Current Special: $14.97 per month. (That is 40% off the regular price of $24.97.  You must join by December 31st) Note: There is no contract and you can cancel at any time.  The price will remain at $14.97 per month for the duration of your membership, no tricks. 

Our 60 Days, Monday Back Guarantee

Try out my program for 60 days and if for whatever reason you don't think this is the right weight loss coaching program for you, email me for a full refund, no questions asked.